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  • Wind Turbines

    As clean energy that does not produce carbon dioxide can cause the greenhouse effect, wind power is rapidly spreading in countries worldwide.Special bearings for turbines require high reliability. The prerequisite this kind of bearing design to ensure windmill runs 20 years because when a failure occurs, parts are easy replace. (When used tens meters above ...Több>>
  • Steel Industry

    In the steel industry, bearings can be found in various plants and equipment used upstream downstream processes: from raw material storage sites to steelmaking, rolling, refining processes. Different are plant equipment.QJBY BEARING is an essential supplier for mills primary metal industry. We provide high-quality, cost-effective ball roller meet performance needs of ...Több>>
  • Semiconductors

    As IC manufacturers strive to make their chips faster, smaller, and cheaper, semiconductor manufacturing equipment companies increasingly rely on advanced materials components achieve the required performance. The use of bearings made high-performance polymers (such as PEEK or PVDF) instead standard steel plastics provides excellent chemical corrosion resistance ...Több>>
  • Railways

    Railway transportation is a rapidly developing industry. QJBY BEARING are also indispensable in the railway production and application Bearings used industry must have high carrying capacity safety performance.Railway bearing railway, wheel axle locomotive, rolling stock system adopt different structural designs due to other conditions. Locomotives passenger cars ...Több>>
  • Pumps & Compressors

    QJBY BEARING manufactures and sells various bearings for pump and compressor applications. We rely on the most advanced manufacturing processes strict quality control to ensure that every bearing we produce for applications meets or exceeds customer needs specifications.Pumps compressors are used compress, condense transport liquids gases through ...Több>>
  • Papermaking Machinery

    QJBY BEARING can provide standard and non-standard bearings that meet the specific requirements of printing industry.This vertical industry group is closely related to everyone every day. From pulp printing, these must highest standards. In early stage papermaking, rolling in paper machine extreme requirements:humidityhigh temperatureShaft deflectionhigh ...Több>>
  • Office Equipment

    The self-lubricating bearings produced by QJBY BEARING have the characteristics of simple structure, lightweight, no refueling at all, low noise, and long service life so that these can be used in office automation equipment large quantities. Typical applications:fax machineCopierShredderscannerprinterThe joints reciprocating partsThe biggest enemy is ...Több>>
  • Motorcycles

    A motorcycle contains at least 20 to 30 bearing parts, but the actual number will vary depending on model and other structures. In any case, not be road without bearing. These bearings are used in key rotating parts support vehicle’s operation, including engine, gearbox, wheels. They help reduce friction ensure that engine’s power is reliably transmitted wheels. QJBY ...Több>>
  • Mining & Construction

    These industries combine the challenges of harsh environments, extremely high load capacities, and operating without downtime. Whether it is bucket wheels, tunnel drilling rigs, vibrating screens, conveyor bearings, or off-road dump truck transmission these are bearing-intensive operations.The environment bearings in mining construction can be harsh. One more ...Több>>
  • Medical Devices

    As far as the development of medical technology is concerned, QJBY BEARING are a partner and supplier, providing customers with appropriate system solutions. For you, this means that you can purchase drives bearing arrangements from single source, thereby obtaining economic benefits new performance design solutions.The high-speed, high-precision diagnostic ...Több>>
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