QJBY Bearing application of Semiconductors

As IC manufacturers strive to make their chips faster, smaller, and cheaper, semiconductor manufacturing equipment companies increasingly rely on advanced materials and components to achieve the required performance. The use of bearings made of high-performance polymers (such as PEEK or PVDF) instead of standard steel and plastics provides excellent chemical and corrosion resistance to survive the semiconductor manufacturing process.

The semiconductor manufacturing process is extremely radical. Bearings are always installed in the area of the processing system where they need to withstand highly corrosive liquids, gases, and plasmas that are usually at high temperatures or under vacuum conditions. QJBY BEARING is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance polymer bearings. Our sales engineers can work with you to determine the best bearing race material and design to maximize the performance of your semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Continued technological progress has resulted in more semiconductors appearing on the market. In turn, this equipment requires a high-quality supply of bearings to enable applications to run quickly and efficiently without corroding or otherwise damaging the semiconductor. Due to the need for good bearing products, QJBY BEARING provides a variety of semiconductor bearing supplies for various industries, including:

1.Communication technology-smart phones, wireless networks, etc.

3.Consumer electronics products

4.vehicle electronics


6.Government and army

Like many markets, semiconductor manufacturing has strict requirements for the parts used in semiconductor applications. Bearing solutions for the semiconductor market often require a mix of high-speed, precision, and corrosion-resistance capabilities. QJBY BEARING provides businesses with the following types of SME (Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment) bearings for these applications.


1.More excellent corrosion resistance than standard materials

2.Higher stability in high temperatures

3.It can be manufactured in a variety of metric or inch options