Office Equipment

QJBY Bearing application of Office Equipment

The self-lubricating bearings produced by QJBY BEARING have the characteristics of simple structure, lightweight, no refueling at all, low noise, and long service life so that these bearings can be used in office automation equipment in large quantities. Typical applications:

fax machine





The joints and reciprocating parts

The biggest enemy of office equipment is the accumulation of static electricity. As a countermeasure, conductive bearings are used, containing conductive grease made of a mixture of grease and conductive materials. However, there is concern that the conductivity of grease will decrease over time, so highly reliable components are required, and mechanical grounding based on flat springs or brushes is required.

Office supplies work indoors and require cleanliness, wear resistance, and maintenance-free. The good self-lubricating properties of engineering plastic bearings meet this use condition. In addition, this type of equipment has a relatively compact structure design and limited installation space. The thin-walled design of plastic bearings fits this structure.

Gearboxes and clutches are used in a wide variety, ranging from automotive applications to food industry equipment. QJBY BEARING help businesses across these industries find bearings designed for what they need. Some of our Office Equipment bearing options include:



banking and financial equipment 

automatic ticket gates used in transportation 

cash registers various card-related equipment