Papermaking Machinery

QJBY Bearing application of Papermaking Machinery

QJBY BEARING can provide standard and non-standard bearings that meet the specific requirements of the printing industry.

This vertical industry group is closely related to everyone every day. From pulp to printing, these bearings must meet the highest standards. In the early stage of papermaking, the rolling bearings in the paper machine must meet extreme requirements:


high temperature

Shaft deflection

high speed

Long-term operation

QJBY BEARING has conducted research and development to create the ultimate bearing for the demanding paper industry. High speed, high temperature (especially in drying applications), and continuous operation require special construction and finishing to maximize the life cycle and minimize maintenance and costly downtime of papermaking facilities.

Many paper processing and printing systems use bearings to facilitate rolling, cutting, and unwinding paper materials. However, the types of bearings used in the system vary according to production requirements. For example, slitting machines and rewinders require high-speed bearings and high-precision linear motion bearings.

Each type of manufacturing equipment is different, so finding suitable bearing products for your Paper Manufacturing and other Paper Manufacturing is essential. We can help you find the best bearings for your application so that they can operate efficiently. Learn more about our Paper Manufacturing bearing options and immediately request a quote for the bearings you need to succeed in Paper Manufacturing.