Wind Turbines

QJBY Bearing application of wind turbine

As clean energy that does not produce carbon dioxide that can cause the greenhouse effect, wind power is rapidly spreading in countries worldwide.

Special bearings for wind turbines require high reliability. The prerequisite for this kind of bearing design is to ensure that the windmill runs for 20 years because when a failure occurs, the parts are not easy to replace. (When the bearing is used tens of meters above the ground).
Therefore, bearing manufacturers require a high degree of computer analysis techniques and excellent materials and heat treatment skills. They sometimes need to master the test evaluation technology for large-scale bearings.

Large-scale wind turbines (windmills) are colossal machinery. Much 2MW-class wind power generation equipment under construction now has windmill blades about 40 meters long, a rotating shaft height of 60 to 100 meters, and a total weight of no less than 200 tons. Therefore, the bearings used in windmills must also be significant, with an inner diameter ranging from 100 mm to 700 mm. Some models require approaches with an inner diameter of nearly 2 meters. There are only six manufacturers in the world that can stably supply such large bearings to the market. It is a great honor for QJBY to represent the brands of bearing manufacturers, including NSK, SKF, FAG, INA, NTN,more. 

We design and develop bearings, seals, condition monitoring systems, and lubrication systems, achieving more cost-effective wind power generation and lower lubricant consumption.